No… I have been pinged… no. Controler security! Flownet denied, unplug and stand down…

Pavis hurried down Main st, he needed to get back to his terminal, stopping off mingling within the markets had made him late. Oh well, it was worth the wrath he will get from his master, the Luminous Terminal Controller, Hewerbar. The market made him feel real and alive… Not like the flownet, where he spent most of his life…

“Ok, a short cut will do, yes. Access Gelison maps, my location, directions to Luminous, fastest route.” computed Pavis as the link stone embedded in his forehead started to pulse a mute green. He kept a good stride for several more blocks, flow vehicles flew by, burning inches above the street just off the sidewalk to his right, up ahead the operator neared the alley that cut thru the Plug district, which would put him near the Tower of Luminous Manipulation, his terminal was below.
“Maybe I should just be late… Plug district was dangerous with out an escort. Oh well, its not that far into the district. Besides who would attack someone in Luminous marked robes? Yes. Take the route.” Pavis computed and moved toward the alley entrance, the link stone pulsed a vivid green…
He turned the corner, the alley was dark, a smokey mist hung in the close quarters of the back side of businesses,which made it impossible to see more than twenty paces or so. His fear gripped him for a second, but quickly brushed it aside, need to get back and plug in. He walked north, the sounds of traffic from Main st could still be heard buzzing behind him. The link stone in his forehead tingled sharply, warning! Pavis halted immediately, glanced back to Main st, then back. There! He froze, the thin mist faded and revealed a large figure towering and dark, with its back to him, another figure, smaller, crowded the darkness near the large dark one and glared in his direction, eyes wide with surprise. Instantly the large figure glanced back toward Pavis, his hood revealed nothing but a black hole. A silvery glow shimmered and began pulsing with powerful energy from the center of the hooded head. Link stone! Pavis pinged on reflex, his link stone burst green, charged the air within the alley and shot a globe of green energy strait for the hooded figure.
At the same time, the hooded figure returned with his own ping, a silvery pulse fired from out of its dark pit of a face. Both globes of energy collided between the two in seconds, Pavis’s flickered and faded to almost nothing as it passed thru the other, but burned past and struck the dark figure, not fazing him at all. The silvery pulse slammed into Pavis, the energy staggered him backward and nearly buckled his knees, he fought to keep his balance. No…


~ by Glen Campbell on November 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “No… I have been pinged… no. Controler security! Flownet denied, unplug and stand down…”

  1. Happy to see Pavis return. Great character!

  2. Great art! Fits the story perfectly.

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